Michelle Lehn has been a Certified Massage Therapist/Energy Worker for the past 16 yrs. with teaching and practicing Ho’oponopono for the past 10 years.

Hold on Ho’o popo what?

Have you ever been attacked on Social Media by someone that will never have to see you face to face? You or your children bullied in school or work? A very troubling Childhood that has followed you for all these years?

Well you are not alone.

Ho’oponopono – Learn how your body stores anger, guilt and judgement. The side effects that come from Forgetting but not Forgiving. And how you can move on with your life so you can drop this heavy weight you’ve been carrying all this time with Healing and Forgiveness.  

Introduction to Universal Kabbalah & the Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is a pattern with many layers of deep meaning to explore and unfold. Often referred to as “The Roadmap for Life,” it gives us the blueprint for manifestation and a path to ascend to higher states of consciousness and unite with our divinity for a more empowered and joyful life.

The Tree if not just a concept; it is alive within each of us. It is within our DNA, a pattern of creation within us. In the Universal Kabbalah tradition maintained through the Modern Mystery School, we have the opportunity to experience an ascension process to activate this pattern within us on a deeper level, and begin to work with the dynamic Tree of Life within our being, showing us where we are in balance, and where we must shift to achieve our desired outcome. Through working with the Tree, we begin a close examination of who we are at our very core.

In this workshop:

  • Receive an introduction to the Modern Mystery School lineage going back over 3000 years to the time of King Solomon
  • Experience a Guided Meditation with your Tree of Life
  • Explore the keys to harnessing the magickal operations of your blueprint to master manifestation 
  • Insight to finding balance between mind and emotions and clearing out subconscious programming that keeps us stuck
  • Discover details on the Path of Initiation and Universal Kabbalah ascension as a key for accelerated transformation and healing. 

* All guests will receive an exclusive offer, including $100 savings on the 10-month Universal Kabbalah Ascension journey coming to Minnesota in January 2020

Sarah Smriga is a Guide, Healer, and Kabbalah Instructor Apprentice with the Modern Mystery School, with years of experience guiding individuals on a path of accelerated growth and transformation. The Modern Mystery School provides access to an unbroken Mystery School lineage, with a time-tested system and direct handing down from teacher to student for thousands of years, preserving the integrity and power of these ancient keys to support self mastery and spiritual progression.

Moving Meditation for All

Tina Cotterman,
Inver Grove Heights, MN.
Session 2.

Anyone can meditate! This class is presented as a way for people of all physical abilities and sizes to learn ways to meditate through movement-not all Zen moments need silence! Using Qigong, neurolymphatic massage points and a variety of stretching movements (with modifications if needed), you will learn how to center and ground yourself, feel connected to your body, align your own chakras and connect with deity through the art of movement and music.

Tina Cotterman is the High Priestess of the Coven of the Standing Stones. Her love for movement and dance has been 10-year journey with experience in many different styles of dance and movement, which is currently focused in theatrical belly dance. She teaches classes locally at Magus Books in Minneapolis for the Standing Stones. She loves to find new and interesting ways to bring movement into her spiritual practice and she is looking forward to bringing her love of moving meditation to anyone who wishes to learn a new way to awaken energy.

Sacred Sisterhood Awakening: Embracing a New Self-Love Paradigm Together

Dawn Morningstar,
St. Paul, MN.
Sessions 2 & 4.

In order to transform our world, women need to transform their own lives first. “Sacred Sisterhood Awakening” awakens women by examining all they have been told about putting their needs and dreams behind the needs of others—and reveals the truth about the beauty and joy of living empowered, whole, and supported. This workshop teaches women to deeply examine and elevate their relationship with themselves, their Higher Power, and others. Four proven and easy-to-remember techniques that increase self-awareness are lovingly offered in this workshop. They will experience immediate results as they begin to reclaim their wholeness and live with spiritual deepening, confidence, and joy.

Participants learn how to:
• Stop putting their own needs last—guilt-free—and why that helps the world more
• Identify and prioritize what’s important in their lives—in a simple, beautiful way
• Appreciate a sparkling experience of the Divine within
• Grant themselves permission to live a happy, healthy, fulfilled life
• Stop feeling alone on their journey
• Feel renewed, nourished, and blessed in every moment

Dawn Morningstar is an advocate for women, a survivor, master coach, spiritual guide, award-winning author of Venerable Women: Transform Ourselves, Transform the World, and podcast host of VENERABLE. Dawn founded the Venerable Women sisterhood, philosophy and movement in 2013, which emboldens women to change the world by bringing their wisdom to life. She teaches women to claim the word ‘venerable’ to describe them; it means worthy of honor, love, and respect by virtue of their wisdom and experience. Women living with the awareness of their venerability open the door to leading extraordinary lives—and transforming the world for good. As a master coach for women spanning over 25 years, she has observed that when women do better, so do all those around them. Dawn’s signature program Living LOVE (a Life Of Venerable Expression) is being taught by Venerable Women Luminary Leaders around the country in many formats. https://www.venerablewomen.com

Find her in the Great Hall at booth #1

Courage to ACT

Cheryl Killilea,
Onalaska, WI.
Session 2.

Discover how your unique purpose, strengths, and future visions can not only help you on the path to change but give you the confidence to enjoy the bumpy ride along the way. Utilize the ACT (Acknowledge Change Today) method to step forward and embrace areas of change. You will also gain knowledge on how breath techniques, yoga postures, mantras and visualizations can keep you calm and grounded on the journey to self discovery and long lasting change.

Cheryl Killilea is a fitness fanatic, mud runner, body builder, and dedicated yogi who works with women to help them ACT (Acknowledge Change Today) and transform their lives to live their fullest potential.

Cheryl is no stranger to big life changes and started her journey when change was thrust upon her at the young age of 12. Regardless of the types of change, Cheryl learned to navigate the challenging times with exercise, healthy nutrition, yoga, breath techniques, and so much more. She truly discovered her passion for all things health and fitness at 40 with a major career shift and opened her own Training/Yoga studio, proof that she isn’t afraid to change lanes in life. Ironically her studio is “Changing Lanes Fitness & Nutrition” She currently rides the fast lane in her entrepreneur life with her husband and 2 children right beside her while embracing the inevitable change along the path to leading her best life ever.

From Victim to Guru: Self-Realization through Archetypes and their Goddess Counterpart (Part II)

Claire Marie Kohout, Hudson, WI.
Jennifer Hummel, New Richmond, WI.
Session 2.

Broaden one’s self-realization with the archetypes and their goddesses through the lens of the chakra system. At the end of the course, participants will be able to identify their archetype, have the tools to invoke the goddess within, and the knowledge to make personal choices in their life which can lead them into self-realization, empowerment and growth.

This is part two of a two part workshop, please plan to attend part one.

Jennifer Hummel, owner of The Sprouted Path, LLC, is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Morphogenic Field Technique trained and a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner. Through her education, she takes the approach that each person is bio-individual and can pull from a variety of resources to customize a healing protocol unique to each person.

Claire Marie has been professionally presenting and speaking for the last 3 years. For such organizations as Edge Life, BodyLab USA, Heart and Soul Wellness Events and the North Central Healing Touch Community Gathering. She has a BS in Speech Communication from the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and has been teaching locally for the last 7 years. Claire Marie is adamant that self-worth, self-love and personal introspection are keys to healing and living a life full of joy, empowerment, vibrancy and abundance. http://cmkenergy.com

You can find Claire at booth # 14 in the Great Hall.

Renewing Your Spirit

Carole Cravath,
Rochester, MN.
Session 2.

The purpose of this workshop is to help people reconnect with their spirit and all of its many wonderful qualities including joy, wisdom, inspiration, love, beauty and power. When people get overwhelmed with challenges, they can lose touch with their spirit. These are enjoyable, creative activities to inspire and stimulate daily connection to our spirit. Our spirit can help us navigate and overcome obstacles and difficulties when we are consciously connected to it. Activities for inner reflection, new insights, creative action and positive new directions will be given to connect with our spirit daily. We will have two meditations, ‘Connecting with Your Spirit’ and ‘Cleansing the Heart.’ This class is designed to inspire, educate, be experiential and empowering.

Carole Cravath has over 30 years of experience in the fields of teaching, counseling, cultural diversity, social work, intuitive development and healing, working with adults and children to develop compassion/empathy and peace making skills. She teaches The Perceptive Awareness Technique, a 3 day training for rapid unfoldment of accurate, higher intuition. She is a Reiki Master and presently teaches the powerful Soma Pi Healing Technique for deep healing of body, mind and spirit. She has a private practice for intuitive consultation.

Carol believes that one of the most important things we must do in life is take control of our own consciousness. All of her teachings center on the importance of love, empowering self through being in charge of our thoughts, emotions and perceptions and developing and using using our spiritual gifts to help ourselves and others. http://www.tiptopwebsite.com/carolecravath

Chronic Bipolar Disorder, My Story of Struggle & Healing

Bhavana Shivu,
Rochester, MN.
Session 2.

I started suffering from some strange symptoms soon after I turned 35. I tried Ayurvedic therapeutic massage, homeopathy, Love Yourself workshops (based on Louise Hay’s ideas) Ayurveda and Astrology. Having lost various jobs and leaving my husband and hoping to find happiness outside of me I continued to suffer. Finally after 10 years my symptoms were diagnosed as rapidly cycling Bipolar at Mayo Clinic, even tried Lithium, until the side-effects became overwhelming. By this time I had decided to learn to live with my symptoms. Fortunately, I came across  meditation, and this completely transformed me.

I was trained as a scientist and successfully worked at various institutes and Universities until the age of 37, with 20 papers published in peer-reviewed journals with more than 2500 citations. I am a Mother to two boys (now adults), teacher and entrepreneur. I would love to share my experiences with you all.

The Queen of Heaven

Rev. Shelli Haft,
Woodbury, MN.
Session 2.

To begin, I will talk about Mother Mary and my seeking journey. I will go into detail about how I was afraid of the dark until I met the Queen of Heaven and how I became a Christo-Pagan. For instance, I am a Crone and belong to the Dark Moon Coven in Sacred Heart but I also believe in Jesus Christ and the miracles of the Holy Spirit. The last hour we will be going into a deep meditation into the dark mysteries of the Queen of Heaven. We will be meeting our Guardian Angel, receiving a message, writing it on paper and discussing our findings afterward.

Rev. Shelli is a psychic and has been communicating with the angels for over 50 years. She is an Akashic Record reader, hands on healer and spiritual adviser. She has been visited by Mother Mary since she was 5 years old. She is an Interfaith Reverend on a seeking mission for the last 25 years to find her unconditional God that she knew as a child and here she found the Queen of Heaven. She authored the book, ‘On My Mary Way.’

Symptoms as Messengers – Hearing the Call of the Divine Feminine

Valorie Prahl,
Cedar Falls, IA.
Session 2.

Purpose- to acquaint participants with their own power and to understand that symptoms are not to be feared but used as a pathway to transformation and self-realization. It is an introduction to universal laws and archetypal patterns that influence health and well-being.

Healing synthesis is a method to evaluate how we are connected spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It recognizes that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and our physical bodies offer clues to the hidden treasures that maximize human experience. This technique uses hands-on evaluation techniques that provide healers a pathway to help clients identify and overcome problems and patterns that create illness. No longer are our symptoms something to dread, but are opportunities for transformation and self-acceptance.

Dr. Valorie Prahl is a Doctor of Chiropractic and Certified Clinical Nutritionist in active practice for more than 35 years. Her specialty is functional health and whole-body healing. She helps people who struggle with heart disease, fibromyalgia, thyroid conditions, diabetes, weight issues, and more. Many patients just want to feel good for a lifetime with the least number of drugs. She works with people in-person, over the phone or computer from anywhere. Her frustration with the typical medical approach of suppressing symptoms without finding their underlying cause set her on a journey to discover solutions. She is fascinated by the expanding field of epigenetics, the study of DNA and how it can be positively affected. She uses her understanding to help “turn-on” processes in the body. This allows abundant energy and speedy healing. Dr. Prahl’s work as an integrative health provider allows her to serve patients with drug-free, effective strategies including nutritional recommendations, mind/body tools, and health coaching to help patients have increased energy and vitality. Dr. Prahl spent three years studying Transformative Medicine, a process integrating archetypal patterns and universal laws. She understands how people get ill and how they can progress to health and now teaches healers how to integrate this information into healing practice. Over the past several years Dr. Val has been learning and exploring ancient healing arts and Shamanic practices. The body has an innate ability to heal once the causes are illuminated. http://www.valprahl.com/

Find her in booth #52