Access Consciousness Bars with The Wellspring Massage

Victoria Oestmann,
Decorah, IA.
Session 1.

Join me for this interactive introduction to Access Consciousness Bars®, a dynamic body process of gently touching 32 points on the head that many people of all ages in over 170 countries have found to add ease and joy to their lives, as well as relaxation and stress relief. You will learn and share four to five points and have an opportunity to ask questions. You will learn some basic tools that can shift things in your life, expand your life, or help you “get you happy on.” Are you open to inviting more possibilities and joy for yourself, your body, your children, your relationships, your business, your Earth, your life?

Victoria Oestmann, MA, LMT, CBF is currently owner of The Wellspring Massage, Bodywork, and Energy Healing in Decorah, Iowa, providing integrated massage, craniosacral therapy, and Access Bars®, Energetic Facelift, and other Access Body Processes. She is a Certified Access Bars® Facilitator. She has continuing education in a variety of massage therapy modalities, shamanic healing, and Access Consciousness classes including Foundation, Talk to the Entities, Energetic Facelift, and 3 Day Body Process classes. She has served as a mental health counselor and a peer support specialist and studied and practiced modalities including Reiki and Shamanic Healing. Victoria has been facilitating well-being for people and their spirits, minds, and bodies for 40+ years.

From Victim to Guru: Self-Realization through Archetypes and their Goddesses Counterparts (Part I).

Claire Marie Kohout, Hudson, WI. 
Jennifer Hummel, New Richmond, WI. 
Session 1.

Broaden one’s self-realization with the archetypes and their goddesses through the lens of the chakra system. At the end of the course, participants will be able to identify their archetype, have the tools to invoke the goddess within, and the knowledge to make personal choices in their life which can lead them into self-realization, empowerment and growth.

For each chakra we will discuss the differences between the two aspects, the Goddess(es) related to the chakra system and affirmations to invoke the power embodied by that goddess. We will have handouts for each.

Please note, this is part one of a two part workshop, plan to attend both

Jennifer Hummel, owner of The Sprouted Path, LLC, is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Morphogenic Field Technique trained and a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner. Through her education, she takes the approach that each person is bio-individual and can pull from a variety of resources to customize a healing protocol unique to each person.

Claire Marie has been professionally presenting and speaking for the last 3 years. For such organizations as Edge Life, BodyLab USA, Heart and Soul Wellness Events and the North Central Healing Touch Community Gathering. She has a BS in Speech Communication from the University of Wisconsin River Falls, and has been teaching locally for the last 7 years. Claire Marie is adamant that self-worth, self-love and personal introspection are keys to healing and living a life full of joy, empowerment, vibrancy and abundance.

You can find Claire at booth # 14 in the Great Hall.

Gender Beyond the Binary

Forrest Mainville,
Edina, MN.
Session 1.

Forrest Mainville encourages and helps others to show up authentically, open to new possibilities, and go deeper into their stories. They are writing their memoir about embracing a new gender identity in their 60s. Forrest lives in Minneapolis and works as as a teacher/trainer, spiritual director and dog sitter and walker. They can be reached at
Pronouns used are they/them/their.

Finding Guidance for a Woman’s Life Journey through Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel

Jennifer Exsted, Chanhassen.
Sharon Burton, Rochester.
Session 1.

Each phase of life’s journey, from youth to elder years, brings with it spiritual lessons and challenges. The journey includes lessons about relationships, marriage, children, work and career, and issues related to aging. On the journey, there are spiritual turning points when we seek guidance from the Divine on our next step. This workshop offers a chance to share lessons from life stories and learn spiritual techniques to help us tap into the inner guidance that is available to each of us. We will share techniques for exploring past lives, getting guidance from dreams, and getting a higher viewpoint using Soul Travel. ECKANKAR-The Path of Spiritual Freedom, welcomes all faiths, to come and share in this interactive workshop.

Jennifer Exsted is a Vice President in corporate America who leads a team of top performers. She is also a volunteer Coordinator for 200+ events per year that explore various spiritual topics. She has won awards for her work and has held various leadership positions throughout her life. She enjoys using inner guidance to find answers to all of life’s situations.

Sharon Burton is a retired radiologist and a member of the Eckankar clergy. She is grateful to be a hospice and grief support volunteer and facilitator for spiritual discussion groups. Sharon also finds joy in being with family and friends, sharing photos of beautiful moments, and learning to dance.

Both Jennifer and Sharon have led various spiritual discussions throughout Minnesota and have been long time presenters of the Women & Spirituality Conference. Sharon lives in Rochester and has facilitated both spiritual discussion classes and spiritual book discussions in the Rochester area. Both are passionate about spiritual principles and are eager to help others find ways to tap into their own inner guidance. Find them at booth #50

Gratitude Ritual for Women and Girls

Shooting Star,
St. Paul, MN.
Session 1.

Introductions & Welcome
Singing in the Sacred Directions
Center Honoring the Stages of Life: Maiden, Mother, Crone
Exploring gratitude through journaling
Mini personal energy readings–if participants so choose while others are journaling, and if the Goddess so desires
Raising energy through music play with percussion instruments/toys Closing gratitude song
Devoke Sacred Directions
Good byes!

Treewommon is a priestess who celebrates the Goddess as the Divine Feminine. She has led workshops on various topics at the Mankato and Rochester Women and Spirituality Conferences over the years. She created and performed the opening and closing ceremonies for the conference in 2012 and 2013.

Shooting Star has been attending the Women and Spirituality Conference in Mankato and Rochester every year of her life and has helped her mother creatively with the opening and closing ceremonies two different years and multiple years assisted with workshops. She is a high school student and amazing young woman who plays the saxophone and enjoys listening to music and being with her friends.

Loving Yourself and Healing Your Spirit

Julie Lynn Joyce,
Woodbury, MN.
Session 1.

Loving yourself is not selfish. It is a bold affirmation of the value of your life. It is important to remind yourself that you deserve such love – for better health, a more positive outlook on life, and the ability to contribute to the universe the rich resources within you waiting for Soul escape.

The benefits of loving yourself are extraordinary. You will be more joyous, satisfied, liberated, empowered, ready to expand and unleash your vast potential, and able to give and receive love at a much higher level. Loving yourself is the path to freedom.

Rather than allowing yourself to be defined by other people’s actions or current circumstances, use these as opportunities for learning. You are not a victim of your circumstances. Your consciousness is carving out your experience. Stand in your spiritual power and love yourself in your true magnificence. The experience of love is liberating and never fails.

The workshop will be divided into three parts and will include storytelling, personal reflection for participants, and group sharing.

Julie Lynn is a world-renowned psychic, spiritual empowerment mentor, speaker, author, Reiki master practitioner, and holistic health coach. Julie Lynn helps guide clients towards self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence. Providing tools needed to step away from limiting beliefs, Julie helps individuals create new thoughts and energetic patterns that are reflections of their highest self. Pathways to Peace, LLC

Understanding the Universe Using Mayan Spirituality

Gina K. Miranda,
St. Paul, MN.
Session 1.

In the lecture I explain the origin of the Maya, the creation of ancient beliefs. We will explore the Native American ancient views about life and ways of beings as well as interactions with environment. I will explain the 20 basic forces of the universe their powers and flaws. I will identify everyone in the audience forces and their position present and at birth. I will explain the positions on the river of life and implications. Also resources to continue learning will be provided.

Gina K. Miranda was born in Central America. She was trained as an Ajkin (Keeper of Days ) by Ochee at age 11. She graduated as a system analyst and programmer 1979, then studied Mayan Archaeology at Hamline University in St Paul MN, 1990. She was adviser to the greatest Mayan exhibit in US history at the Minnesota Science Museum in 2013.

Author of:

  • Matter of Chulel
  • Lost Knowledge of the Mayan Calendar
  • Finding the Chulel
  • The Journey of the First Americans
  • The Ancient Mayan Constellations
  • The Ancient Mayan Lunar Calendar

Hypnosis and Spirituality: Expanding Your Pathways

Cathy Weber-Zunker,
Alexandria, MN,
Session 1.

Do you have a pile of books stacked on your night table, and an intention to delve deeper into your own personal spiritual journey … and somehow you seem to just stay where you are at? If you are ready to clear some of the things that have been blocking you and take that first step, then now is the time. Wherever you are on your personal path, this ‘mind journey’ will advance you one, maybe two , maybe even three steps closer to where you desire to be.

I had ‘hints’ throughout my life that there was more to my spiritual path then I knew, but when I stepped into the world of hypnosis seven years ago, it was like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz stepping into the fullness of COLOR as she entered the land of Oz. I have stepped into being an explorer of consciousness, even though years ago, I had no idea that the hypnotic trance state is the place of prayer and healing and the connection with the Divine. Now, the Ascended Masters, Guides and Angels are invited to every session, in my office and every group session. No matter where I am in my personal journey, I know that it’s all about continuing to EXPAND.

So, if you have the intention to delve deeper into your own personal spiritual journey, if you are ready to clear things that have been blocking you and take another step, then now is the time.

Divine Masculine & Feminine Energy Balance

Amanda Rangel, Gina Soleil
Minneapolis, MN.
Session 1.

The purpose of this workshop is to guide participants inward. Participants will receive a blueprint of characteristics of Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy. The goal is to bring awareness to the energy that they have within and explain how the % of each that a person carries will determine how life unfolds. We will be talking about the benefits of each energy and the power of balancing both. There will be a discussion about what happens when the energy is unbalanced; with examples of how the universe will communicate to get a person on the path of balance.

Amanda Rangel co-founded IntraAwareness, a Holistic Lifestyle Training System™. As a Hypnotherapist and Master Practitioner of OnenessNLP™ she specializes in Empath Development, Spiritual Guidance, and Awakening, Elevating & Mastering Personal Power Within. She works with those who want to experience something more in life and are ready to take action. As a speaker, writer and host of various courses around the Twin Cities it is her passion to help elevate those around her.

Gina Soleil is an Executive Coach, Speaker, Author and Founder of Wonder Woman CEO. She works with women in business who are driven to live their purpose and impact the world in positive ways.

Gina started Wonder Woman CEO to help women who are Emerging Corporate Warriors and Maverick Entrepreneurs grow in leadership consciousness, advance their careers in wildly successful ways and create a Whole New World of Business for generations to come.

Touching Worlds with Tai Chi

Stephanie Siddiqui,
Farmington, MN.
Session 1.

Touch worlds with slow graceful movements that create inner and outer physical, mental and emotional balance, strength and energy. In the workshop, we will have a discussion, share inspiring words and affirmations, practice healing qigong movements and Tai Chi movements from Tai Chi for Health program which is endorsed by many health organizations.

Stephanie Siddiqui has a Master of Science in Applied Psychology from St. Cloud State University in 1997 with a special interest in diversity and spirituality. She started teaching Tai Chi in 2016 at the Twin Cities YMCA and started Touching Worlds LLC in 2018. Stephanie fell in love with Tai Chi and Qigong in 2012 after doing it for a few years. She noticed the significant difference it made in her personal life and she started teaching a class at the YMCA. Now, she teaches at multiple YMCA locations, a senior living facility, Pathways Minneapolis, Sea Others Foundation, community or city organization as well as offers private lessons, coaching, and presentations. Tai Chi is more than just a slow-moving exercise; it balances the mind, body, and spirit with clarity, harmony, and self-healing. Stephanie loves teaching and helping people to achieve their personal goals through movement, clarity, and inspiration, hence the business name, Touching Worlds LLC. For more information about Stephanie, please visit