Earthway Gifts

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Patty Dease, of Earthway Gifts, creates wire wrapped gem trees, willow and quartz crystal wands, gems and gemstones, singing bowls, wire wrapped jewelry, and more one of a kind, handmade items.

Earthway Farm, located in South Haven, Minnesota, is a 40 acre organic farm. It is on a beautiful natural setting with animals, both wild and domestic, who accompty us on our journey.

Throughout the year we offer classes, events, and gathering that focus on healing and spiritual growth, with the emphasis on bringing awareness to our own goodness, talents, abilities and the ancient wisdom that lies within.

Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association

The Upper Midwest Hanmi Buddhist Association supports you in relieving your and your loved ones suffering through sustaining your daily Hanmi Buddhist meditation practice, offering you Hanmi Buddhist spiritual healing, and conducting Hanmi Buddhist prayer services so that we all can be the peace, the radiant health, the abundance and the joy that we seek.

Offering Chinese Mystery School (Hanmi Buddhist) spiritual healings, meditations, teachings, and prayer services to help YOU TRANSFORM your life. Also Meditation CDs, books, malas.