Call for Exhibitors


We are seeking exhibitors of arts, crafts, and items/services related to women and spirituality. Acceptance will be determined by the tradition of the conference and a need to maintain varied exhibitions.

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Applications will be reviewed and accepted by our organizing committee using the following criteria:

  • exhibitor provides a service or product related to women and spirituality or of interest to our participants
  • exhibitor (if returning from subsequent years) has followed all expectations regarding completing paperwork, meeting deadlines and providing requested information
  • exhibitor has behaved in a way that contributed positively to the conference community

We will provide a complimentary “Information only” table.  It is not necessary to complete the exhibitor application form for the “Information Only” table. If you would like to place your materials on the general information table, please either bring them to the conference or mail them by September 1 to the Women and Spirituality mailing address. However, due to limited space, there is a maximum of 50 pieces per organization.

Load in– Exhibitors load in is on Friday evening from 3-8pm.  We will have drive-in access to the Civic Center for easy transfer of your materials.

Exhibit hours– Exhibit room hours are 8am-6:30pm on Saturday and 8am-4pm on Sunday.

Load out– Exhibitors will be able to load out on Sunday from 4pm-6pm.

Fees and Rentals:

  • The fee for one 10 x 10 foot space is $210.
  • The fee for one 6 x 8 foot space is $160.
  • Space rental includes full pipe/drape on back and half pipe/drape on sides, one 6 foot table for 6 x 8 space, one 8 foot table for 10 x 10 space and two chairs.
  • The following items are available to rent for an additional fee from the Mayo Civic Center:
    • Electricity- $80 (Note- If you plug in any devices to the electricity at Mayo Civic Center, we will be charged and will subsequently charge you.  Please do not try to “sneak” electricity.  This will be seen as grounds to exclude you from future participation at the conference.)
    • Additional tables- $10
    • Additional chairs- $3

For those who would like to reserve a table, please note the following guidelines:

  • All exhibitors must complete an Exhibitor Application Form. Once your form is complete, the committee will review your application and let you know about acceptance based on the above criteria.
  • Once accepted, a non-refundable exhibitor fee (if you cancel, this will NOT be returned) must accompany part two of the application.  If you are not accepted, we will notify you.
  • The vendor space will open for exhibitor set-up beginning at 6:00 a.m. Saturday.
  • Exhibitors may NOT tear down their exhibits until the end of the event.  Any exhibitor doing so may not be accepted the following year.
  • Items will be secure when the room is locked after the Exhibitor space is closed.
  • If you are also presenting at the conference, please arrange coverage of your booth during your workshop.
  • Exhibitors who wish to attend the Keynote Address and/or the conference must register and pay the required fee. Please send the completed registration form with your payment after conference registration opens.
  • Due to facility policy, exhibitors are not allowed to sell food of any kind at the conference.
  • Please make child care arrangements for any child under ten.

Exhibitor Registration

Click here to open the Women and Spirituality Conference exhibitor registration form in a new window.