Many Hats of Me

Many Hats of Me

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We are a local cottage industry here in Rochester, MN. Our vision is to provide our customers with superior products that will help them find mental and physical peace and happiness.

We design and hand craft aromatherapy necklaces and bracelets made of natural amber, volcanic rock, and wood. They are both beautiful and functional. Each piece is scented with essential oils of the customer’s choice.

We also manufacture and sell organic lip balms with antioxidants such as Resveratrol, Nicotinamide Riboside, and CBD (Cannabidiol). We use only organic oils, butters and waxes.

Get the Hell Out: Beyond the God of Shame

Get the Hell Out: Beyond the God of Shame

Discussion. Open to All.  

The Judeo-Christian Bible is littered with images of God that promote a culture of shame. Adherents embrace these images and then struggle with depression, disconnection, and self-loathing – a crippling separation from Self and Spirit. This workshop outlines the problem and provides a specific practice for moving beyond these images, collectively personified as the “God of Shame.” The goal is a revised conception of the Divine that attunes us to Spirit and allows our essential, original goodness to shine in the world. If time permits, Gracia McKinley (Swami Vidyananda) will lead a guided meditation in the Yogic practice of Ishta Devata, wherein participants will be encouraged to visulalize and connect to their own, unique, and empowering image of the Divine.

T McKinley
T McKinley is an interfaith minister, teacher, and author of both a critically-praised memoir, Boy in the Ivy (2013) and Get the Hell Out: Beyond the God of Shame (2016). Both on his own and with his partner Gracia Gimse McKinley (Swami Vidyananda), he offers workshops on shame and spiritual healing around the country.

Gracia McKinley (Swami Vidyananda)

Tarot 101 and 102 – Finding Your Own Voice

Tarot  101 and 102 –  Finding Your Own Voice

Experiential. Open to All.
We will check in with participants about their current tarot skills, talk about the basic structure of Tarot, and practice the Seer and the Seeker Structure reading with one card.

Then we will read in a Circle with one card and offer suggestions for learning on your own.

Sam Lofgren:
Sam picked up her first tarot deck as a child, and has been working with them ever since. Influenced by Western psychology, global esoteric studies, and Eastern mystic practices, she considers herself a mirror – reflecting back what you need to know in this life and guiding you to the next. She has been a member of the Twin Cities Tarot Collective since mid-2017.
Marianne Kollar:
Marianne had been a member of the Twin Cities Tarot Collective for 3 years. As a Tarot enthusiast and student, Marianne is intrigued by the symbology, the art, the imagery, the mystery and the magic of the cards. As a creative soul she takes delight in bringing the essence of the cards alive through poetry, and multimedia. And as a reader she enjoys weaving the seen and the unseen to tell a story that is unique to the person and the moment.
Melani Weber:
A tarot collector and student of tarot since 1995, Melani is most interested in the intersection of tarot with other areas of study, such as psychology, mythology and religion. She enjoys telling the stories that the cards offer up, layering intuitive meanings with esoteric teachings of the ages. Though she has over 400 decks she does have a few favorites, which include the Druidcraft, Modern Spellcaster’s, and Cosmic Tribe.

Downward Spirals Caused by Entities And What To Do

Downward Spirals Caused by Entities And What To Do

Discussion.  Open to All.

The spiritual world holds positive (God or Light Driven) and negative energy (Darkness Driven) so it is important to be aware of Entities and how they may hurt people. Where they come from. What they can do. What is real and what might not be. This covers how people and children pick up entities who drive them in negative ways and what to do about it – based on what I’ve seen in my 10 years as a Hypnotherapist dealing with people with Entities.

LeAnn Martin
LeAnn Martin first began working with entities as a Hypnotherapist ten years ago in Sydney, Australia where she found many of her clients were impacted by entities of different types from different countries in the world. And now in the US Midwest, she has found entities also are a part of life here. She also works with people carrying imprints held of a loved one who has passed or someone who may have picked up something from war and how to deal with that. Entities can be the basis of serious life wreckage for a person who does not understand what is going on or how to escape the influence of an entity. There is often nowhere to turn where people can feel comfortable telling their entity experience without others thinking they are crazy or have a serious mental problem.