Align With the Rhythm of the Universe: How to Sync with the Cycles and Seasons & Optimize Your Life Path

Kailean Welsh,
Viroqua, WI.
Session 2.

Life on planet Earth is constantly changing. Yet, the one thing we’ve come to count on is the cycle of the seasons. They are enduring and consistent—we know that winter will come, and the sun will rise again. Each season brings its own special energy, designed to support evolutionary growth. By consciously aligning with the seasons, we can optimize our life and our spiritual unfolding.

Kailean Welsh is a Holistic Psychotherapist and Wisdom Guide working from the Driftless Area of Wisconsin and virtually across the planet. Using a unique blend of psychotherapy, quantum physics, ancient wisdom, and life experience, Kailean brings an innovative approach to wellbeing that returns us to the roots of wholeness—care of the soul. Through individual programs, online courses, and live presentations, Kailean offers practical tools to help people integrate their human experiences, live their unique expression, and reconnect with the beauty and magic that underlies all life. Her style is authentic, uplifting, and liberating.