Forgiveness –as important to life as Breathing

No one is perfect. We all live with regrets.

Failing to forgive others who have bruised our heart can impede us from trusting, can limit our choices, can make us see ourselves as trapped; this failure can gnaw at our personal dignity. The forceful feeling of Shame tackles our freedoms.

Forgiveness of self takes us to a deeper well.  Where profound depth, despair and darkness may enclose, those waters may also serve to show a purposeful passage to safety, sometimes called a pilgrimage with God; a tradition of Jews, Buddhists and Christians.

A two-page questionnaire will structure small group conversation.  Participants may share their thoughts and feelings of forgiveness; such issues as road blocks, failures, risk, shame, and terror, as well as mended relationships, secure future, happy holidays, soulful flow, spiritual equanimity.

Small groups will be formed to discuss forgiveness experiences—forgiving, being forgiven, and forgiving oneself. We learn from each other. We hear jewels of courage, offer support that cannot be forgotten, and we encourage implementation strategies.

None of us is alone in our need to forgive and be forgiven.  One will leave this workshop with new thoughts, new language, and new support for considering and enacting forgiveness.

Dr. Kay Bernard

Dr. Kay is a multi-degreed professional in the field of Psychology and Ministry ( U. of Wisconsin, U. of Minnesota, United Theological Seminary).  Since receiving her own 1992 Bipolar/Anxiety Diagnosis, she has committed herself to bringing hope to Mood Disorder sufferers and their families.  Her published pieces and articles lay out issues and solutions for Mood Disorder families. She has presented to Hospital chaplains, Ministers, and lay groups seeking solutions to daily issues not fully solved by pharmaceuticals.

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