Esoteric Spirituality in Ashtapadi

Esoteric Spirituality in Ashtapadi with Ganga Gopalkrishan

Storytelling.  Open to All.

The presentation will explore the transformation of spirituality in a life cycle (from birth to death). This will be based on story telling on Hindu mythological character Krishna through Ashtapadi.  Ashtapadi refers to the Sanskrit hymns of the Geetha Govinda, composed by Jayadeva in the 12th Century.

Asthapadis are Sanskrit hymns of the Geetha Govinda, composed by Jayadeva in the 12th Century. The meaning of ashtapathi is ‘eight-steps’, which means each hymn is made of eight couplets (eight sets of two lines). The ashtapadis, describes the beauty of Lord Krishna and the love between Krishna and the gopis, are considered a masterpiece in esoteric spirituality and the theme of ‘Divine romance’. The ashtapadis remain popular and are widely sung in a variety of tunes, and used in classical dance performances, across India.

The lyrical poetry of the Geetha Govinda is divided into twelve chapters, each of which is sub-divided into twenty four divisions called Prabandha. The Prabandhas contain couplets grouped into eights, called ashtapadis.

I will be presenting the popular 8 prabandha today which shows the spirituality in transition in Lord Krishna’s life which can be replicated in all of our lives.

Ganga Gopalkrishan

Ganga Gopalkrishnan is a technology manager by profession and an artist at heart. She started learning bharathanatyam (classical Indian dance) at the age of 3 from Srimathi Kalamanadalam Kalyani Kutti amma. She has kept up with her passion in dance along with a successful career and social service by her side.
She teaches Bharathanatyam and Mohiniyattam (two dance form from Southern India) for students in SE Minnesota. She and her students performs at various diversity festivals, international festivals, nursing homes and conferences in the hopes of spreading the culture and art form from Indian sub continent and promote world peace through these art forms.
Exploring bhava (emotions) is a theme of her dance performances and choreography. For performances, lecture demonstrations and dance lessons, please reach out to her at (913) 461-7613 or

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