The Sacred Circle: The Spirituality of Women Gathering

The Sacred Circle: The Spirituality of Women Gathering

Experiential.  Women Only Please.

The space of a sacred circle is where women gather to embrace their inner goddess and ways of knowing.  Within a sacred circle, we share in community our hopes, fears, and plans for humanity. We embrace our spirituality to become one voice with which to embark on the change we wish to see.  Our spirituality is our guiding force, our true north.  Learn how sacred circles were part of women’s spirituality throughout history. Go home being inspired to begin your own spiritual journey through creating your own sacred circle! This workshop will begin with taking you on a short journey through the centuries of women’s sacred circles and spirituality. We will then spend some time talking about your own spirituality and how you can embrace, grow and share your spirituality within your own sacred women’s circle.  We will end with a closing ritual.  Handouts provided.
Cindy Severson, MA, RN, is passionate about women embracing their own ways of knowing and then moving forward to speak their truth.  She holds her Master’s Degree in Transcultural Nursing with a focus on alternative ways of healing. She has traveled numerous times to England to explore the mystical and earth’s healing energies found there. She is trained in Reiki healing and Wellness Coaching.

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