The Chakras and Sexual Trauma

The Chakras and Sexual Trauma

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Spiritual and healing traditions around the world have included teachings on the energy body or subtle body, and widely prevalent modalities such as yoga, acupuncture, and reiki are based on these teachings. However, the distinctions between women’s and men’s subtle bodies as taught in these traditions are often not covered in modern renditions. This workshop will begin with an overview of chakra-based women’s energy body teachings, as represented in Tibetan Buddhist, Hindu, Cherokee, and Sufi teachings. It will then cover how the chakras, or energy centers, are impacted when a woman is the victim of sexual abuse, assault, harassment or any other kind of sexual trauma. It will explore the impact of both the trauma itself, and any subsequent cultural shaming, victim blaming, or forced secrecy. It will also cover the possible role that chakra work and other energy work may play in a women’s recovery process from sexual trauma. The workshop will include a guided chakra-based meditation on the feminine energy body.

Lisa Erickson
Lisa Erickson is an energy worker and writer specializing in Women’s Energetics – women’s subtle anatomy, and practices and tools that women can employ to heal, empower, and awaken themselves. She especially focuses on helping women during critical life passages such as pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause, as well as on healing from sexual abuse and trauma. She is the author of the book Chakra Tools for Women: Energy Empowerments for Everyday Use, the popular DailyOm course Fall in Love With Your Feminine Power, and the free e-book Women’s Energetics: Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Abuse and Trauma, all of which are available on her blog and her website

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