That “thing”on my head: HIjab

That “thing”on my head: HIjab

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One of the two most common questions I am asked during presentations on Islam is, “Why do you cover your hair?” The hijab is often given too much attention, by Muslims and non-Muslims. Yet the concept of covering ones head is not unknown in the Western tradition. Discover the reasons why some Muslim women cover their hair, the various ways in which it is styled, the Islamic injunction behind it, and the experiences of covering in the United States.

Regina Mustafa

Originally from Philadelphia and a graduate of Penn State with a bachelor’s in American Studies. She is currently pursuing a Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Winona State- Rochester. Regina formed the interfaith dialogue non-profit organization, Community Interfaith Dialogue on Islam (CIDI) in 2014. CIDI actively promotes interfaith dialogue and education through the monthly Faith Talk Show, Project CIDI Bridges, and various talks and lectures.

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