Raise the Vibration in your House for Health and Happiness

Raise the Vibration in your House  for Health  and Happiness

Storytelling.  Open to All.

Raise the vibration in your house for health and happiness
If you would like to live at a higher spiritual frequency you can raise the energy by creating harmony with everything that surrounds you. Your house and yard are an extension of your body. Learn to create a place that renews you by learning techniques that make you feel protected, energized, happier and healthier.
The participant will learn:
1. Ways to clear your space and bring in positive energy
2. Raise the vibration with the placement of objects
3. Use smell like essential oils and sounds like drums and bells.
4. Ways to invite angels and understand the trees in your yard

Jane Govoni

Jane has been a spiritual seeker since she was a teenager. From a parochial high school to being with a small group of Tibetan people as they hosted the Dalai Lama her passion has been to learn and understand spiritual belief.

Her day job is helping people find their joy and health using stress management, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, coaching and yoga. Jane is a speaker and author.

She is a wife, mother and grandmother. You can find her living in joy on a little lake in Wisconsin with Jim and Daisy the dog.

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