Psychic Gallery

Psychic Gallery

Experiential.  Open to All.

Looking for soul reunion experience?
More than a message with Alison James “group reading”. An intensive healing event where everyone shares in the transformative effect of spirit communication as a whole. There’s Q & A and connections with loved ones in the spirit worlds.

Alison James- Professional Psychic Medium
Voted the best by WCCO • TCT • MSP • CBS
Born a naturally gifted Psychic Medium and one of the finest professionals and most referred name by those in the know. Five-star ethics with an objective approach in her established career and stays on point with fine-tuned focused readings, utilizing her efficient modern question direct© methodology. Alison has a strong affinity with animals of all kinds and is a successful Healer. She is the genuine real deal! Alison is one of the most sought after and for a good reason. She consistently delivers, and proves beyond any doubt, that loved ones live on. The evidence, facts and irrefutable validations that Alison brings through offers healing on many levels to those on this side and the other.

Alison enjoys:  Reading. Walking. Creating art. Blogging about the spiritual worlds. She enjoys jazz and Indie music. Avid tea drinker. Independent theatre and performance art. Nature and healthy living. Her son and menagerie of rescue parrots, 3-legged Egyptian and a feral cat. Arubian Cunucu dog and a Crested Gecko.

“For those who believe no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe, no explanation is possible”. The Song of Bernadette

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