Medicine Bear Group Healing

Medicine Bear Group Healing

Experiential.  Open to All.

In today’s fast-paced society, illnesses are more extreme, yet the same spirit prevails as when Rocky’s ancestors practiced spiritual healing hundreds of years ago. Many people are embracing a holistic consciousness and in their awakening, are calling upon Native Healers such as Dennis King to light the way as many of us seek a deeper connection – with ourselves, with each other, and with Creator of All Things. Rocky works holistically with his clients (i.e. their bodies, minds, and spirits) using the sacred songs of his people, the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. You will not want to miss this opportunity to experience firsthand the blessed healing energy that awaits you. Are you ready to release that which no longer serves you? Now, more than ever, it is important to come together and experience these loving circles that bring humanity closer together and allow us to grow in love as one people.


Dennis King
Creator’s Helper/Spiritual Healer Lalutakéhtas (He Scratches the Trees), Bear Clan, or Dennis J. King is an enrolled member of the Oneida Nation of Wisconsin. Dennis “Rocky” King is a Native American Spiritual Healer from the Oneida Nation whose ancestors passed down this sacred healing through the generations. Experience a deep sense of peace and harmony with laughter and joy by listening to the wisdom of the stories he shares. Not only is this an educational experience about Native American spirituality, but a powerful group healing circle facilitated by Rocky’s incredible connection to spirit and the Creator of All Things. Referring to himself as the “Creator’s Helper,” he shares his incredible spirit with the world, spreading his message of Earth medicine and natural healing with those who are ready to see and hear. His gifts also include the ability to share messages from spirit, and he may share those messages with you during the circle.

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