Healing Gifts from a Sacred Circle

Healing Gifts from a Sacred Circle

Experiential. Women Only Please.

For over six years, as everyday women, we gathered monthly in a a sacred circle to support one another in common life issues, as we explored our own understandings of being in the world.  We created a safe place; one of trust, ritual, respect and listening without agenda.  We would like to present the knowledge and structure to encourage women in their own communities to create powerful healing circles.
Our workshop format would be a combination of a power point presentation explaining the circle basics and an experiential group process.
Each of the three presenters has been in the healing field for over twenty-five years and attribute a large part of their professional and personal growth to the Sacred Circle experience.

Linda Mushka, Gerri Ann Riehl-Bandur & Lisa Zanyk
Linda Mushka retired last year after a career of thirty-seven years as an adult mental health counselor, specializing in the resiliency of survivors of childhood and adult interpersonal violence.  Her time and energy are now consumed with music, fibre art, feeding birds, reading, walking, travelling and not being in a hurry.  Participating in the Sacred Circle changed and sustained her, the ripples of which continue in her life today.


Gerri Ann Riehl-Bandur is an educator, Reiki Master, and Art Therapist living and working in Saskatchewan, Canada.  Her private practice is Art n’ Soul Therapy Services.

Lisa Zanyk is a Canadian Certified Counsellor with 25 years’ experience counselling children and adults in various settings.  She presently works full-time as a school counsellor and part-time in private practice.   Lisa has created and facilitated therapeutic groups and co-facilitated groups with both Linda and Gerri-Ann.  Lisa and a friend initiated the Sacred Circle Group with the intention of creating a safe place for self-exploration.

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