Gift of Love

Gift of Love

Experiential.  Open to All.

Gift of Love is a presentation by artist Lavonne Lovstad about her exploration of the Divine Feminine through music and art.  She will exhibit six paintings based on the music “Lover of Us All” by liturgical composer, Dan Schutte, and share her intuitive painting process and spiritual insights from each one.  Through art, stories, spiritual direction, question and answer, participants will have the opportunity to deepen their awareness of the unconditional loving nature of the Divine Feminine that invites us to foster a new consciousness of light, love and freedom.

Lavonne Lovstad
Lavonne Lovstad of Rochester, Mn. is a Lightworker whose passion is the exploration of Sacred Feminine Mystery and The Language of Light through art, music and dance. Educated in visual art, art therapy, spiritual direction and energy healing, she offers her knowledge, intuitive wisdom and compassion to awaken and encourage spiritual and creative transformation in others for the purpose of birthing the New Earth.

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