Falling into Fear or Levitating to Love

Falling into Fear or Levitating to Love

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Are you living a life of fear or love?  Fear presents as worry, regret, overwhelm, blaming, and guilt.  When we stay in a state of fear, we are unable to lead the life we richly deserve.  Living a life of love frees us to enjoy the life we are given now and to release the stories of our past that are holding us back.   Understanding our own thoughts and emotions helps us to choose differently; to choose love.

Through powerful learning activities, guided meditation, and enlightening exercises, participants will gain the skills needed to make immediate positive change in their lives.

Learning Objectives:
• Examine how our thoughts and emotions create the results we experience.
• Gain clarity of our energy levels and how they affect our experiences.
• Learn how to release negative thought patterns and fear-based emotions.
• Apply the Disciplines of Awareness, Acceptance, and Conscious Choice to create the life we desire.
• Connect to your inner guide to obtain the contentment, freedom and love we seek.
• Obtain a free tool to use for measuring your energy in the moment.

Candi Broeffle
Candi Broeffle is a certified professional coach and owner of Composure Coaching specializing in Core Energy coaching. She is also the Publisher of Twin Cities edition of Natural Awakenings Magazine, a monthly publication that focuses on green, healthy, and sustainable life choices. Candi has conducted training and facilitation for 25 years for businesses and organizations throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

Candi understands how disabling fear is in our lives. Tired of reacting from a state of fear in many aspects in her life, Candi sought the knowledge and skills needed to make better choices and discovered more effective ways of dealing with the uncertainties of life. Now she has taken the best of what she’s learned and developed specialized coaching programs to help others lead healthier and more satisfying lives.

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