Exploring the Cosmovison of the Q’ero

Exploring the Cosmovison of the Q’ero

Experiential.  Open to Anyone.  
The Q’ero are “The keepers of the ancient knowledge,” who live in the high Andes in Peru.
Cindi offers this opportunity to pass on an indigenous wisdom tradition that promotes a connection to the cosmos and Pachamama (Mother Earth) as a way to that elevate wellness and deep enrichment to our lives in the modern West. The Q’ero beliefs and practices taught in the workshop invite us to relate to our body and each other as pure conscious energy and offer us ways to care for that energy to experience physical and spiritual benefits.
Cindi will blend her own intuitive approach to energy and healing, along with practices passed on to her from the Q’ero and her mentor Don Americo Yabar, a Peruvian shaman, mystic, poet and world renown bridge to the Q’ero, the cosmos and Pachamama.
We will explore some powerful concepts that support the Q’ero way, through content delivery, energy practices and conversation that promotes healing, expansion and connection.

Cindi Claypatch

Cindi Claypatch is a holistic and intuitive practitioner who has studied and practiced the Q’ero Mystical tradition since 2003.  She enjoys sharing the profound and practical teachings through classes and trips to Peru.  She owns Prospectives Inc. where it is her mission to “Bring the Prospects of Health and Healing to Light” via counseling, training, education and healing.  She works to incorporate indigenous wisdom along with leading edge thought and healing modalities into modern Western Lifestyles.


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