“Dance Sophia, Dance” – Recognizing the Divine Feminine

“Dance Sophia, Dance” – Recognizing the Divine Feminine

Discussion.  Open to All.

The Divine Feminine is co-equal with the Divine Masculine, but has been ignored and subverted over the centuries by male dominated culture. Yet, I believe human beings intuitively recognize the Divine Feminine, but are often not consciously aware of her. This workshop will share a bit of my lifelong journey toward embracing the Divine Feminine, and offer ways for others to begin to call on her and recognize her in their lives and in the world. Some themes are based on the beautiful work of Sr. Joyce Rupp, whose poetry and books on Sophia which will be discussed, which help draw us into the strength, beauty, and wisdom of the Divine Feminine in ourselves, and in everything. Exercises and ideas will be offered for participants’ reflection and growth outside of the conference.

Rita Simon
Rita Simon is a retired family practice physician who strongly believes that an essential task of each person’s life journey is to integrate body, mind, and spirit so as to connect the beauty and awe of one’s inner self to that of the outer world. Rita is a working member of the retreat team at St. Anthony’s Spirituality Center in Marathon, WI since 2010. She helps plan and present weekend retreats for a wide range of people who come to the retreat center for spiritual deepening and refreshment. Rita¬†practices embodied spirituality through vocal and instrumental music, yoga, and dance. She has a particular love for, and connection with, the amazing spiritual women of the past and present who serve as her guides.

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