Awaken to Your Goddess Potential

Awaken to Your Goddess Potential

Discussion.  Child Friendly.  Open to All.

In this interactive workshop, you will learn about the Goddess energy that is already within you, discover the characteristics of Goddess energy, and explore ways you can cultivate more Goddess energy in your life now. We are entering a point in human history where women are awakening to the individual and collective greatness and power within. We have the ability to significantly change the world for the next generation and many generations to come. But first, we must realize who we are at our core, who the Universe has called us to be, and what She is calling us to do right now to change the fabric of our world as we know it.  Join us as we gently shift ourselves to our fullest potential and transform the world.

Ashley Skoczynski
Ashley enjoys observing patterns of in our culture and envisioning a world of compassion, peace, and love. Her mission is to raise the vibration of the people she interacts with and the organizations she leads.

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