Get the Hell Out: Beyond the God of Shame

Get the Hell Out: Beyond the God of Shame

Discussion. Open to All.  

The Judeo-Christian Bible is littered with images of God that promote a culture of shame. Adherents embrace these images and then struggle with depression, disconnection, and self-loathing – a crippling separation from Self and Spirit. This workshop outlines the problem and provides a specific practice for moving beyond these images, collectively personified as the “God of Shame.” The goal is a revised conception of the Divine that attunes us to Spirit and allows our essential, original goodness to shine in the world. If time permits, Gracia McKinley (Swami Vidyananda) will lead a guided meditation in the Yogic practice of Ishta Devata, wherein participants will be encouraged to visulalize and connect to their own, unique, and empowering image of the Divine.

T McKinley
T McKinley is an interfaith minister, teacher, and author of both a critically-praised memoir, Boy in the Ivy (2013) and Get the Hell Out: Beyond the God of Shame (2016). Both on his own and with his partner Gracia Gimse McKinley (Swami Vidyananda), he offers workshops on shame and spiritual healing around the country.

Gracia McKinley (Swami Vidyananda)
Gracia Gimse McKinley empowers seekers to attune to their own inner wisdom in order to live authentic and meaningful lives.  She provides spiritual and astrological guidance and officiates at rituals such as weddings, baby blessings, and memorial services. Gracia is an ordained swami in the Kriya Yoga lineage.


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