Downward Spirals Caused by Entities And What To Do

Downward Spirals Caused by Entities And What To Do

Discussion.  Open to All.

The spiritual world holds positive (God or Light Driven) and negative energy (Darkness Driven) so it is important to be aware of Entities and how they may hurt people. Where they come from. What they can do. What is real and what might not be. This covers how people and children pick up entities who drive them in negative ways and what to do about it – based on what I’ve seen in my 10 years as a Hypnotherapist dealing with people with Entities.

LeAnn Martin
LeAnn Martin first began working with entities as a Hypnotherapist ten years ago in Sydney, Australia where she found many of her clients were impacted by entities of different types from different countries in the world. And now in the US Midwest, she has found entities also are a part of life here. She also works with people carrying imprints held of a loved one who has passed or someone who may have picked up something from war and how to deal with that. Entities can be the basis of serious life wreckage for a person who does not understand what is going on or how to escape the influence of an entity. There is often nowhere to turn where people can feel comfortable telling their entity experience without others thinking they are crazy or have a serious mental problem. 

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