Loving Yourself Healing Your Spirit

Loving Yourself Healing Your Spirit

Discussion. Open to All. 
When we learn how to love ourselves as we are, unconditionally, we create a life that is filled with joy, purpose and fulfillment. When the outer world reflects chaos, we need to pause, connect into our highest power and remember the true nature of our being. Living life from this perspective requires letting go of the cords that bind us to our past and to old wounds that prevent us from experiencing our full potential.

The first step is to identify the limiting beliefs you are plugged into. Once you are able to unplug and tap into your divine self, you can take back your personal power, find inner peace, and begin to reflect divine love to the whole world. This workshop will introduce tools to help you connect with your higher self in your everyday life. You will discover the source of your truth and light.

Julie Lynn Joyce

Julie Lynn is a World Renowned Psychic, Spiritual empowerment mentor, Speaker, Author, Reiki Master and holistic health coach. Julie’s business is Pathways to Peace LLC.  Julie Lynn helps guide clients towards self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence.  Providing tools needed to step away from limiting beliefs, Julie helps individuals create new thoughts and energetic patterns that are reflections of their highest self.

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