Shake It Off: Body Positivity and the Art of Movement

Shake It Off: Body Positivity and the Art of Movement

Movement.  Open to All.

The over-arching goal of this presentation is to help people find joy through movement, but to also discover self-love and stop treating it as a radical act.  An opening discussion on the concept of equity and inclusivity will be presented with the group, and we will examine implicit bias before learning how to break down those barriers.  Then all participants will move together with the goal of finding joy and worth, regardless of their ability.

Shannon Townsend
Shannon Townsend began studying Belly Dance in numerous forms in 2004.  Her mission is to create space for people in all bodies to see the worth in their own person and to un-apologetically take up space while finding strength through muscular movement. As a teacher, she focuses on safe and innovative instruction for all ages, sizes, and abilities of body.  As a performer, she uses movement arts to connect with people, to stir emotions and feelings and engage all individuals from various walks of life by presenting her own body as a means of explaining that there is worth in all humans, that we all deserve to exist and present our art and share our unique beauty with the world.

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